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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:Walthamstow, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Nee Naw (RIP)
I am Suzi.

I am still on Livejournal, unlike most other people. I don't like Facebook. I like to write in paragraphs.

I write about stuff like third division football, life in remote Essex villages in the 1800s, my adventures with online dating, my abortive attempts to get over my sociopathic ex boyfriend, the horror of being a goth in her late 30s, the joy of training for a half marathon despite being the kid that always got picked last for P.E., and my unbridled hatred of Oscar Pistorius.

I used to write a well known blog but people got the hump so I stopped. I do not write about my work here, or anywhere else.

Most of my entries are friends only but I have left a couple open to give any LJ surfers who stumble across my journal an idea of the sort of stuff I write about.

I am largely indiscriminate about who I add. Livejournal is dying so you can't be too fussy.

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